Trump's Trials: Voter Fraud

By the time you read this, the election may be settled. Then again, this drama may extend through the inauguration and beyond. It's a nail biter. I’m not going to guess the end.
But one thing’s for sure–if President Trump is victorious, he has an opportunity to change the destinies of all voting nations by exposing worldwide corruption and creating the most honest, election system ever. If he loses, there may never be an honest election in the United States again.
Voter fraud is nothing new. Anytime someone wants power badly enough, and the path to power is an election, fraud will happen. In the old days, when Mayor Richard Daley, Sr. delivered Illinois for John Kennedy, he and his cronies did it the old-fashioned way. One ballot at a time.  My father, as a young lawyer at a major Chicago firm in the 1950s, was approached by a man wanting to expose a massive city-wide voter fraud scheme. Apparently, hundreds of men were given false IDs and instructed to go from polling place to polling place, posing as a new man each time – often someone dead. My father's life was threatened once he got involved, so he declined the opportunity to play "Clark Kent,” as he put it. All that trouble for a few thousand votes. Now we’re hearing about fraud over millions. 
The old ways were personable - roundup busloads of voters and buy them lunch, or pay people to bring in immigrant grannies who don't speak English and then “help” fill in their ballots (both of which I saw in 1990s San Francisco.) Old school techniques apparently took place in 2020 Nevada, as Democrats issued gift cards in exchange for the Native American vote. 
Void of technology, old school fraud relies on people knowing people, as well as people - with strong loyalties, wanting favors or power of their own - banding together to make an impact. There’s honor among old school thieves: it takes genuine effort to create fake IDs, hand them out to willing stooges, and co-ordinate their movements. 
But with technology, the limits of fraud are bounded only by the imaginations of people who know how to use it. Far fewer need to be involved. And with the world being such a small place today, the international elite can easily buy these services. 
We’ve all heard about Dominion and it’s connection to Pelosi, Feinstein and the Clintons. We’ve all heard no one knows who really owns it, and about the Dominion minions who adjusted the machines before and during election day.  In 2016 San Francisco, my husband and I both experienced what may’ve been a dress rehearsal for other 2020 tech fraud. My husband, who votes in person, arrived at the polls only to hear he had voted by mail - as happened to thousands in 2020 swing states. And I was told that I had moved out of the precinct. “Oops, that’s been happening all day,” a woman told me as she handed me a provisional ballot. I complained to the Party and the city election board - but no one looked into it until days later, when the fraud pixies magically corrected my voter registration record and moved me back home. Asking tech and political friends how that could happen, I learned one knowledgable person could do it - precinct lists are public record and messing with online records is child’s play. 
Technology was used in other creative ways. The four women at Georgia's State Farm Arena funneled suitcases full of ballots into scanners that counted them faster than fingers could fly. Thousands of voters received absentee ballots without requesting them, or as with my own daughter, two - which were addressed to her at our address in another state. Surely, whatever machine sent these duplicates was programmed to think a "decline to state" Asian female under 30 would be more likely to vote Biden. (Wrong! FYI we sent her one and shredded the other - should’ve save both for evidence.)
Computers know a lot about individual voters – up to 42 pieces of information, as I was told by one Party representative. Since both sides know your voting history, the anonymous ballot is also history. 
What's the solution? As the president said in his remarks on December 3 - paper ballots and voter ID (and I would add thumb prints.)  Look up “Tom Scott - Voting” on YouTube and treat yourself to a sweet, neutral explanation of what can go wrong with machines - and why paper is better.  Another possible solution is blockchain technology. Because every vote would have a unique electronic signature, it would be impossible to create duplicate ballots or count them twice. 
If the president emerges victorious, he has until 2022 to fix the system. But if he doesn’t, the world’s power elite - who backed Joe Biden, the BLM riots, and all the rest of it - will ensure we never know what hit us. Donate. Get involved. Pray. 
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