April 2018 Luncheon Meeting

Novato Republican Women


John "Woody" Woodrum,Woody Woodrum 1

President, California Scream Eagles

Make California Golden Again

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.  |  500 Country Club Drive, Novato
Members $28  |  Non-members $32



Woody Woodrum, (President, California Screaming Eagles; State Chapter of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles & California State Volunteer Chairman, Donald J. Trump for President 2016) embodies grassroots activism. A key Trump presidential campaign organizer in California, Woody was offered a position in the Trump Administration but declined, preferring to stay here in California. His political activism started long before the Trump campaign. While he has a profession other than politics, he dedicates much of himself to promote positive, conservative policies. With his wife of 41 years, Donna, Woody travels, tweets and travails to Make California Golden Again. Both will fly up from southern California to join us for this meeting.

Woody will provide us with a tactical briefing on how to target a large block of voters so Republicans can take back our state assembly and state senate this year. With real time information from the web, Woody will share his specially developed tools and insights for our members and their guests. Press will not be invited to this strategic session. The website, https://californiascreamingeagles.org offers a basic overview of his efforts but more detailed information is password protected for its members.

Over the years, Woody has served in a variety of capacities with the GOP and has even run for office including US Congress and as a write-in candidate for mayor of San Diego. Functioning as a voting block within the GOP, in 2013 Woody helped to create the Tea Party California Caucus.

Our June primary election is fast approaching with absentee ballots mailed out within the month of our April meeting. Each vote will be critical, and this talk will help us find and turn out critical support for positive change in our state.