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Contnued CA Exodus

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More companies exit business-bashing California for business-friendly states.

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Are Homeschoolers Overqualified?

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We're churning out a generation of poorly educated people with no skill, no ambition, no guidance and no understanding of work.

As a builder, President Trump appreciates – and probably loves – the skilled workers who shape stone and steel into glamorous luxury condos and hotels. He respects people who work with their hands or break a sweat for a living. In this age of rapid technological change, his appreciation for non-intellectuals is another reason the president and his policies matter.
The culture war is a power struggle; and power struggles are always about more than average citizens can observe or imagine. That technological advancements are poised to change the world even more than they have provides context for our national divide.
Already advances in technology have spurred the US Armed Forces to no longer induct anyone with an IQ of less than 83. That means, one in 10 people are not qualified to work for the army.  High end careers have suffered. For example, thanks to online services, no longer do we need lawyers to make out wills.  Few careers are safe - even the advent of blockchain currency threatens careers in the financial sector.  In the next 10 years, artificial intelligence, face reading technologies, advances in robotics, custom cancer vaccines, and microscopic medical cameras and more will change not only our personal lives but our workplace.
Therefore, the question “Who will work and at what?” is the subtext of the power struggle in Washington. As much as ideology, it’s the prime mover of the culture war.  Because most people find meaning in their lives through responsibility,  and work and raising families are the way most people experience that, this question affects not only the flow of money but human dignity itself. So, it matters how government answers it. 
The Left’s answer is to create an elite ruling class and masses of dependents. To achieve this, they make Americans distrust responsibility - hence the victimization inherent in identity politics. They promote death panels and abortion to control population size. They teach 5 year olds to wonder if they’ve been assigned the right sex in order to strip them of identity - because an adult with a strong identity may break free of dependence. 
The Right’s answer is to trust the market. But if America does that without accounting for current regulations and the ever widening global nature of the market, she endangers the happiness and security of her people. Moreover, both strategies favor the elite; leaving hardworking average Americans in the dust.
President Trump’s solution to “Who will work and at what?” is to make America self-sufficient by harnessing her natural resources and cutting regulations to woo manufacturing back to the regions that have historically excelled at it. His administration’s focus on vocational training keeps Americans hirable no matter how technology changes our lives or alters available jobs. Protecting the borders controls who works in America and ensures we get the best workers for whatever the country needs - either from within or cherry picked from abroad.
Self-driving cars, for example, are set to enter the market by 2021. With them will come self-driving semi-trucks and cargo ships. It’s speculated that self-driving cars will ultimately lead to greater productivity in the workplace, fewer road deaths (as compared to 1.3 million annually), fewer cars owned, fewer cars on the road, fewer parking lots  and a cleaner environment ( It is also estimated that, thanks to self-driving vehicles alone, over 4 million people could lose their jobs ( The new technology will create new jobs - in fact, tech magazines, which universally favor innovation, claim self-driving vehicles will add more jobs than they eliminate. But will these new jobs suit those workers who were displaced? It seems at least as if vocational training would be needed for workers to stay current and competitive.
Of self-driving cars, the president reportedly joked, “Can you imagine, you’re sitting in the back seat and all of a sudden this car is zig-zagging around the corner and you can’t stop the f***ing thing?” But in respect to this disruptive innovation, the administration takes them seriously: “the country’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is working on rewriting safety rules to allow autonomous driving on public roads” (  Following conservative principles, but to the shock of technology magazine reporters, the Trump administration “has shown itself reluctant to regulate self-driving cars.” In other words, he’s making it easy for them to succeed.  Even his trade war with China and tariffs on vehicle imports are attempts to support American car manufacturing while they gear up for this potentially positive but earth shattering change. 
By creating an autonomous America, the president protects American workers - particularly those who work with their hands. He knows that human beings need meaningful work and that not everyone is cut out to work in government, finance or tech. He knows that, while innovations in technology always mean disruption in employment, his job is to keep America working and competitive no matter what comes. He knows that too much globalism too fast coupled with decades of disruptive tech innovation could destroy what makes America great: the American people.
Over the past year, President Trump has experienced more tribulations than triumphs due to the fact that every liberal in Washington and the media, as well as some members of his own party, have sworn to thwart his attempts to make America great. 
March, however, saw some triumphs on major issues: the exculpatory release of AG Barr’s summary of the Meuller report, the defeat (for now) of the Green New Deal, and the Congress’s failure to over-ride the president’s veto of legislation blocking his national emergency declaration at the border. 
Though at this writing the nation awaits the release of the redacted version of the Meuller report, the summary reveals stunning facts about the investigation and what the president faced: 
“In the report, the Special Counsel noted that… he employed 19 lawyers who were assisted by a team of approximately 40 FBI agents, intelligence analysts, forensic accountants, and other professional staff. The Special Counsel issued more than 2,800 subpoenas, executed nearly 500 search warrants, obtained more than 230 orders for communication records, issued almost 50 orders authorizing use of pen registers, made 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence, and interviewed approximately 500 witnesses” (nytimes).  
In other words, the investigation was indeed a witch hunt, the soul purpose of which was to bring down the president and anyone working for him. That Meuller caught so few people in his snare - and only for matters having nothing to do with Russia or collusion -  shows that President Trump is not only a man who executes his political and financial strategies within the context of the law, he’s also a terrific judge of character. He may engage in hyperbole and aggrandizement (which, in  The Art of the Deal, he claims he does on purpose), he may even have cheated on his wife; but he operates within the law, and nearly all the people around him do, too.  
As with each of March’s triumphs, the Left refuses to acknowledge defeat: Barr’s summary quotes Meuller’s report as saying  it “does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.” After those FBI agents couldn’t find evidence, Meuller refused to draw a conclusion, strategically placing the task on Barr so that the Left can blame Barr at election time for excusing his boss. 

The Green New Deal failed to pass a hurdle in the Senate when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pushed the vote in an effort to get Democrats on the record as well as highlight divisions among Democrats over the highly controversial bill which recommended, among other absurd notions, the elimination of cow farts.  Democrats argued McConnell held the vote in order to eliminate debate or public testimony, thereby preventing Republicans from going on the record as being against “climate change.” Denouncing the motion as a “sham,” Minority Leader Chuck Schumer instructed senators to vote "present" as a show of unity.  However, in doing so, Democrats appear to have distanced themselves from their comical legislation. While the bill’s failure is a victory for the president, the fact that Democrats allowed it to appear at all is most likely part of a long game strategy to please their base, similar to how Republicans during the Obama administration continuously overturned Obama-care to no effect. Interestingly, the media has relabeled the defeat as a victory, claiming it sets up “climate change” as a major issue for 2020. And cow farts along with it. 

Perhaps the most surprising victory of March was Congress failing to overturn the president’s veto of his declaring the border a national emergency.  Though this battle is far from over and will probably play out in the courts, the failure to override shows that, while Republicans sadly helped pass the bill in the first place, not enough of them were willing to go against the president to stop him. 

These three victories show not only that President Trump understands how the political game is played but also that, compared to Democrats who support each other in bending, breaking and ignoring laws, he fights within the law. Moreover, they illustrate the unrelenting nature of his battles and the enormity of them. It’s not hard to liken him to Batman, the millionaire superhero, with an endless stream of arch-nemeses. 


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CA Dems More Taxes

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California under Democrats, it’s tax, tax, tax — all the time. That’s not a political statement. It’s a fact.

Immigration at the southern border and the Wall top the list of most contentious, hard to follow, and outright spun issues since President Trump took office. Recently, the president vetoed legislation, supported by 12 Republican senators, hampering the Wall’s construction.  Speaker Pelosi announced she seeks to override the veto after the Congressional break. Two days later, the president tweeted a video of 247 illegals breaking into the country as a unit at night; it’s title - “This is a national emergency.”
The president promised the Wall to the American people. It’s his signature issue; so his opponents, even Republican ones, have sworn to prevent it. They’ve attempted to block him in the press and in courts. The likes of George Soros backed a migrant caravan to coincide with the mid-term elections. 
The number crossing the border each month varies depending on who makes the claim. One reason for the discrepancy is that the government can’t actually count successful crossings and must guess based on the number apprehended. However, logic dictates that the current flow is altering the make-up of our country and putting strain on resources. 
Both sides agree families now make up 50% of those apprehended, and that this trend began 5 years ago under Obama when, according to former attorney general Jeff Sessions “word had gotten out…that anyone who tried to cross the border with a minor would almost certainly be ‘given immunity from prosecution.’” Therefore, “the number of unaccompanied alien children at U.S. ports of entry increased by a staggering 636 percent from April 2017 to April 2018.”  (
Border detention facilities, built over decades as need arose, were designed to house mostly single, mostly male migrants. Part of what constitutes the crisis is the lack of facilities for families. It’s difficult to determine which minors belong to which undocumented adults, and in some cases, which minors are actually minors. Some migrants carry disease. In 2018, 2 children died in border detention.
Just as stories conflict about the numbers of illegals, so do those about what percent seek asylum, what percent are child traffickers, and what percent of women have been raped on the journey. But common sense dictates that child trafficking and rape would be common, as migrants seek to take advantage of loopholes in our asylum laws, and criminals, wanting to blend in with migrants, acquire women and children to both enhance credibility and sell in the US. 

“Because current law sets an easily met standard for "credible fear," refugees fleeing actual persecution and violence are bogged down in the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services backlog, which has swelled more than 1900 percent since the end of the 2012 fiscal year. (  This means that the Obama Administration set the precedent of setting asylum seekers free with the frankly ridiculous directive to return for court dates.

The Left labels the Trump approach as unfeeling simply because, as a law and order president, he’s instructed his departments to follow the law. The Left ignores that the Obama administration’ sometimes employed the same methods (putting illegal aliens in pens) and other times ignored the law entirely (keeping some families together, when the law requires separation.) By following the law, the President upholds his job as executive. By publicly explaining his actions, he rightly passes the buck to Congress, which refuses to create functional legislation. Additionally, if Trump instructed his departments not to follow the law (as did President Obama) he could be impeached. 

The Left argues that the Wall won’t solve anything, that most illegals do utilize points of entry, that citizens along the border don’t want a wall for various reasons - including tourism, and that illegals commit crimes at a lower rate than the population. However, all news sites - even Left leaning ones - that focus on border towns which have a wall or fence say that crime in these communities dropped substantially after construction.  One wonders that, if illegals don’t commit crimes and walls don’t work, how crime could’ve reduced. And, if illegals use ports of entry, how would building a wall shunt the flow of illegals to a new location? 

Since the details supporting each sides’ positions contradict, one must examine how each interprets their story. The Left shuns common sense with their duplicity, saying people who commit crimes, whether it’s those who enter the country illegally or California’s death row inmates, deserve compassion while victims of violence and other crimes don’t.  Republican swamp dwellers also spout duplicity, claiming a crisis and doing nothing.  Only President Trump’s rhetoric passes the sniff test - whether or not his facts are fake news. He demonstrates that smugglers and human traffickers exploit the weakness in our immigration system; that if any number of decent families invade our border, they not only put strain on our system, they make their home countries worse by diminishing the population of decent people; and that the only real solution is not to spread wealth, but incentivize its growth in the migrants’ home countries so that they stay home. 
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CA Gun Ban Struck Down

Judge said the California law banning magazines over 10 rounds was "turning the Constitution upside down."

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UC Berkeley Assault

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Man Accused of Punching Conservative Activist at UC-Berkeley Charged With Three Felony Counts

As Saul Alinsky once said, “The issue is never the issue.” He meant that whatever issue Leftists appear to have in their sights is not their real focus; their real focus is power, and until they have absolute power, their immediate focus is revolution.

The more desperate Liberals get for power, the more controversial issues take center stage in politics and the news. Perhaps the most controversial issue of the post World War II era is abortion.
This article won’t attempt to change your views; rather it points out that the recent spate of states (New York, Rhode Island, Virginia) amending their constitutions or creating pro-abortion legislation is in reaction to the possibility that, if Justice Ginsberg dies and President Trump appoints another pro-life justice, Roe V. Wade could be overturned. New York and Virginia seek to overturn the 2003 federal law preventing partial birth abortion nationally. And Rhode Island is vacillating between one bill, preventing partial birth but allowing siblings over 25 and grandparents to approve abortions for minors, and The Rhode Island Reproductive Health Care Act which lifts all limitations, including partial birth.

Last year, Rhode Island’s Governor, Catholic Democrat Gina Raimondo, supported including pro-life insurance policies on the state’s Obama care exchanges (; she met with a firestorm from the Left who turned against her and raised big money to support another Democrat candidate and unseat her. She won, but has radically changed her views to keep her political career alive.

In the State of the Union, President Trump said: “Lawmakers in New York cheered with delight upon the passage of legislation that would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother’s womb moments before birth…These are living, feeling, beautiful babies who will never get the chance to share their love and dreams with the world.”

What do his words really mean? 1) If viable full term babies can be killed on day one, what’s to prevent killing them the next day, or whenever suits a parent’s need? If a parent isn’t competent to choose, the state would get involved; then the state would determine who lives and dies, no matter the age; 2) therefore, the “beautiful babies” are all of us. If the Left wins their power grab, we may all lose our “chance to share [our] love and dreams.”
A recent CBS poll declared 76% of Americans approved of the president’s speech. According to a 2018 Gallup poll, 87% of Americans oppose late term abortions. The similarity of those numbers shows that most Democrats oppose late term abortion. Science has advanced since 1973, when Roe became law. Not only has medicine provided an array of contraceptives including the “day after pill,” but ultra sound and other advances show fetal development. Of babies born at 22 weeks 25% survive; 90% of those born at 27 weeks do. Only 59 countries allow abortion for any reason; more than half of those demand parental permission; only 6, including the US, allow abortion after the 22nd week. While science has yet to pinpoint the exact moment the soul enters the body; it has provided a clear picture of what’s possible with respect to bringing lives into the world.

With 5 children and 9 grandchildren, the president agrees with the 87 percent. And he knows that states rushing to pass abortion laws are not protecting women. By making late term the new standard, the Left further divides the nation by making abortion a black or white issue. It’s not enough for Americans to support abortion prior to 12 weeks, or 20 weeks, they’ve got to agree with it in any form, at any time, even after a healthy full term birth. To support these extremes, one must be so afraid that one is willing to hand over one’s rights to government - or be hungry for the kind of power that tyrannies provide.

Hunger for power explains why Virginia’s Democrat Governor Northam would include a joke KKK photo in his medical school yearbook, then 40 some years later chillingly support infanticide. His combined actions remind us that the Left brought us slavery and we become their slaves again if we hand over control of the right to life. This right extends beyond the maternity ward to our “inalienable rights” to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” In honor of our rights, it’s important that open-minded discussions on controversial topics continue; regarding abortion, we’re still debating the exact moment life begins. But that important truth is not the issue here. Because the issue is never the issue; the issue is power.

So, when President Trump declared his pro-life views during his recent State of the Union address, he was actually defending the liberty and rights of all Americans.

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Sex Offender Protection

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CA Democrats author bill to protect sex offenders who lure minors. No crime if the person is within 10 years of age of the minor.
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