The Real News from Swamp Woebegone

Trump’s Triumphs - The real news from Swamp Woebegone
“Impeachment! Impeachment” - that’s all that in the news. Despite the fact the nation knows how this elaborate stage show will play out - with the Senate acquitting the president - the nation is watching it, like a car wreck in slow motion, unable to tear its eyes away. But the impeachment is a distraction from the real news - that the swamp is slowly draining and that President Trump continues to MAGA as fast as ever.
Just last week, while Nancy and Co. walked the articles over to the Senate, the president signed stage one of a new trade deal with China, applauded as USMCA was passed to replace NAFTA, and proclaimed “Religious Freedom Day,” which encouraged, among other things, the protection of prayer in schools. The nation also saw Iran back down after the attack on Soleimani, proving Right Wing pundits correct in their theory that such an attack would not lead to war simply because Iran can’t afford an open war with the US. 
On the same day of the most recent Democrat debate, President Trump held a rally in Milwaukee, WI, during which he tallied even more of his accomplishments: In 2018, he said, overdose deaths fell between 17- 21% depending on state calculations - part of that success has come from Trump putting pressure on China to stop the flow of fentanyl into the US.  His administration created 7 million jobs, including 1 million in manufacturing.  Reducing regulations and other incentives has made America the #1 producer of oil and gas in the world - no longer dependent on Arab nations. Average household income, he claimed, has gone up over $10, 000 in just three years of his administration ($3100 in regulatory tax, over $2K from tax cuts, $2500 for energy taxes and fees, and $5000 in average income gains.) Compare that to a mere $400 rise in 8 years of the Bush administration and $975 after 8 years of Obama.  
In addition to Trumps’ rally claims, he’s appointed 187 “Article III judges (including 2 on the Supreme court, 50 in the Court of Appeals, 133 in US district courts, and 2 for the US court of International Trade. As of this writing 18 Article III nominees are waiting confirmation - but there are over 70 vacancies yet to be filled.  Though Senate Democrats have done everything to stall confirmations (Sen. Kamala Harris just demanded his nominees be frozen during the impeachment trial), he’s still managed to outpace both Obama and Bush who appointed 329 and 327 respectively over 8 years each - including 2 Supreme Court justices a piece.  With Justice Ginsberg in increasingly bad health, he’s likely to appoint a 3rd if he’s re-elected. 
On the horizon are trade deals with India and, through his aggressive deregulation policies, a reintroduction of all manner of conveniences that make life, well, convenient - he’s bringing back the “old” light bulb, which provided better, prettier light for less money, and opening up restrictions on water use - so that shower heads, dishwashers and washing machines actually clean what they’re supposed to clean.  In fact, thanks to Trump’s tariff policy, South Korea is building refrigerator and washing machine plants in US to avoid paying import tariffs, bringing jobs to America as well. 
What Democrats must understand by now is that President Trump is a man who loves a good fight - and the more they throw at him, the more successful he becomes. In fact, this author comically muses is that, if the Dems had given Trump his way for 2 years, he may very well have been so bored he’d resign. So - other than striking back for the 1999 impeachment of Bill Clinton, why even attempt to stop Trump?  First, pushing the articles through before Christmas was no doubt a huge fund-raiser for the Democrats and especially for the massive web of non-profit lobbying concerns which provide the real financial backbone of that party. A tax deductible gift to Amnesty International, for example, might be larger than normal thanks to the promise of impeachment.  Then, holding over the trial until the new year would yank numerous Democrat presidential hopefuls off the campaign trail, including Sanders and Warren, just before Iowa - giving a mighty boost to Joe Biden, who has been sagging in the polls. Swamp insiders manipulated the primaries so Hillary would run in 2016. Poor things still haven’t learned to listen to the American people, or at least their base. 
But impeachment or not, all is well. As Greg Gutfeld said recently, we don’t deserve a president this good.