The Shadow

Trump's Tribulations: One Man Against the Shadow

In the recent Time Magazine article “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election,” author Molly Ball shamelessly outlines the vast Left Wing Conspiracy of multinational corporations, NGOs and non-profits that banded together to steal, in our view, the election from the American people. It’s a shameless piece that both exemplifies and details exactly what we’re up against-that the elite will say anything, and worse, do anything, to keep power. The only bit left out is the input of foreign powers, like China. This propaganda piece proves we’re at war, and because we are, the threat of death lingers in the air, even if we’ve become such a polite society that it’s laughable to imagine the “right wing militias,” mentioned in the article, could actually exist.

For four years, Donald Trump, nearly single handedly, fought this war for us, and with an unconstitutional second impeachment trial, he fought on. Author of the book Trump Rules, Wayne Root knows Pres. Trump personally and describes him as “maybe the most relentless man in human history.” Root does not believe that Trump is defeated, and in fact, believes that Trump’s greatest chapter is yet to come.

Trump’s accomplishments-like his historic visit with Kim Jong Un, or the recent peace settlement in the Middle East, demonstrate that the key to his relentlessness is fearlessness. He is unafraid to tackle the most difficult situations. The key to his fearlessness is self-knowledge: as a skilled negotiator, Trump has had to examine himself as much as look for weakness in others. For only when a negotiator knows his own limits can he walk away from the table and force his opponents’ hand. Wanting things to be different is a form of not knowing the self-for there’s always a personal reason for being unwilling to see things the way they are. This unwillingness is the definition of “ego.”

Trump tends to see things the way they are. Therefore, this large, loud, vain person with orange hair is actually one of the most ego free individuals to grace the earth since Gandhi. Because Trump is a negotiator who made his fortune from negotiating, and not a person seeking power for power’s sake like the Left’s elite “revolutionaries,” he is not a leader who “wields power.” Instead, he respects each and every individual. Note: when he insults an opponent, that opponent started the fight. And
if said opponent had no weaknesses, Trump would have no ammunition with which to fight back. Note also that Trump appears to hold no grudges. Sure, he can fight dirty; but if the opponent holds no grudge, like Ted Cruz, the feud ends and a relationship is established.

The fact that Trump does not seek power, rather solutions through relationships, makes him more like us, the American people. Americans are individualists; they define themselves by their actions and achievements. This is what makes us as a country so threatening to the rest of the world. In China, for example, people are defined by their identity. Are you Chinese? Are you a member of the party? Are you a member of one of the five dominant minorities represented in the five stars of their flag? (Note China has 50 minorities, 45 of which are not
represented in their flag.) The advent of technology—the Internet, smart phones and the like—has woken the sleeping tiger of the individual worldwide. When individuals in China, Africa, Russia and South America drop their identities and discover how little
they need their governments, the power of these nations will dissipate. Similarly, here in the US, people who identify with identity politics, those who are either unable or afraid to see themselves as individuals, have become pawns of the Elite.
One day, they may wake, and see that the power to make life enjoyable and fulfilling has always rested, not in what group they belong to or pronoun they go by, but in their own hands. They will embrace America then, just as individuals around
the world will acquire a more American spirit as they embrace individuality. Trump knows this; his speech in India stands as proof.

Buy Root’s book to speculate on what Trump will do in the near future. Likely, he will be his individual self. He will fight bullies who cross him and negotiate for something better. He will live every moment fully and thereby enjoy life whether or not he “wins” by media standards. He has his own standards, and that’s what makes him American-and unbeatable. 

As for the elite? Unable to control the individual, they will overplay their hands until eventually the public sees them for the cheaters they are. No matter how many times they say cheating was justified-as Ball does in Time Magazine-no one, especially Americans, like cheaters. It may take 20 years, but they will lose power, and the individual will rule.