Trump’s Triumphs #8

Trump’s Triumphs: October 1st through 7th - a week that made history
The swearing in of Justice Brett Kavanaugh  - and the political madness leading up to it - overshadowed other news of that week, news which, if given any attention by the media, would show Donald Trump as one of the most masterful leaders the country has seen. 
THE ECONOMY: Despite or because of the Kavanaugh firestorm, the President received a 51% approval rating in a Rasmussen poll. This also shows that Americans are paying attention to the high stock market and other important economic factors.  CNS News reported that the number of federal employees has decreased by 16,000 since Trump took charge, but the federal government announced the unemployment rate had dropped .2% in September to 3.7% - the lowest since December, 1969. The economy has added 3.2 million jobs under Trump, and Fox News announced that “manufacturers are on track to record their highest confidence levels in the survey’s 20-year history, thanks in part to the Trump administration’s economic agenda, which included comprehensive tax reform and reduction in regulations.”
USMCA: On October 1, the same day that Senator Flake asked for an extension for the FBI to investigate Kavanaugh, the US, Canada and Mexico announced USMCA, the new trade deal that replaces NAFTA.  Congress should vote upon the treaty next year, though the president as well as Mexican and Canadian leaders will officially sign in November. The new deal will allow more American made dairy products into Canadian markets, and (as reported in last month’s newsletter) does much to keep manufacturing in the US while boosting the Mexican economy.  The deal has a sunset clause requiring the countries to revisit the arrangement every 6 years.
CHINA: According to CNBC, “it would be a mistake to miss this week's most significant geopolitical development…a dramatic unfolding of the Trump administration's intensified offensive on China.”   It has been the White House’s conviction that Trump's predecessors “have done too little to respond to years of unfair Chinese trade practices, cyber transgressions, rapid military growth, growing technological prowess and the underlying strategic consequences of the so-called Belt and Road economic initiative” that connects China to Eurasian countries and, according to critics, promotes Chinese dominance in world affairs. 
Underscoring the far-reaching, multi-faceted nature of the Trump administration efforts aimed at China, Vice President Pence in an October 6th landmark speech called out China as America's foremost threat, ahead of Russia, due to both the scope and seriousness of its activities abroad and within the United States. Though the New York Times accuses the administration of starting another Cold War, the fact that the Chinese have been undermining the US economy and stealing its intellectual property is widely known, one ironic example being Senator Feinstein’s personal driver of 16 years. The “war” on China is reflected in the new USMCA agreement as it requires all three parties to inform the others if they begin trade talks with "non-market economies" (such as China).
KAVANAUGH: Lastly, the Kavanaugh appointment rounded up the week with a stunning victory for the President.  In less that two years, he has placed two justices among the Supremes and, especially if he’s re-elected in 2020, may have the chance to swear in one more. This makes the Trump influence on the court historically significant and, as his appointees are both comparably young, long lasting, keeping the court with a general 5 to 4 conservative majority. 
Previous outrageous character assassinations by the Left of Supreme Court hopefuls Robert Bork (abandoned by Reagan) and Justice Clarence Thomas (supported by G.W. Bush) taught the president not only to stand by his man but to raise public support, which Trump did on Twitter and at his stump rallies in states key for the 2018 midterms. Audiences chanted “Kavanugh! Kavanaugh!” inspiring fellow conservatives across the country to keep pressure on their senators. The president was not afraid to call out accuser Blaissey-Ford (remember one is only a victim if a crime against her can be proven) for her false testimony or to point out that absurd attack — against a squeaky clean dad of two girls — undermined not only our government but good men everywhere. Now the whole country get it that the Left, rather than legislate, relies on the courts to promote agendas Americans don’t want.
The week ending October 7 was a busy week - and so successful for the master of four-dimensional chess that CNN actually referred to the Trump presidency as “influential” and commented that “it already seems Trump's grand design will be difficult for a future President to quickly reverse.” 
Let’s hope that isn’t fake news!
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