Primary Ballot



Path of Your Vote By Mail Ballot

Picked by Postal Carrier, dropped off at Mail Box/Drop Box or dropped off at Local Post Office

Processed by local Post Office Sent to Distribution Center in SF for sorting by county

Sent to Post Office at Marin County Civic Center

Picked up by Voter Registration

Clerks Processed through Diebold machine for signature verification

If signature verified, second sort by Precinct by Diebold machine

Envelope sent to “I and D” to be opened

If signature does not pass verification

Sent for visual signature review with Clerk on machine that verifies 4 signatures at a time

If signature does not clear verification, sent for hand visual review by Clerk

If signature still does not pass, reviewed by Voter Registrar and Deputy Voter Registrar

If questions still exist, Voter sent a letter for signature verification

Verified signatures sent back through Diebold machine for 3rd sort by precinct

Envelopes then opened by clerk and reviewed for completeness/rubber banded in groups of 25

If no problems, put in box for Tabulation

If all choices are not clearly noted, sent for machine Adjudication for "Voter Intent Review” by 2 Clerks

Ballots boxed with 250 ballots and sent to Tabulation for input into electronic machine

No ballot counts are released until 8 pm on election night (if they have passed the above process)

Ballots not process by election day, and those received alter election day (but date stamped by election day and received by the 17 day arrival deadline) will be processed with the above path before the certification date within 30 days of the election.

Path of Ballots Cast at the Polling Place on Election

Day Ballots are delivered to Election Office and fed into Tabulation machine on election night. Count announced as soon as all ballots have been processed from the Precincts on election night.

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