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Social Media in Today's Politics
Melanie Morgan

January 15, 2019

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In December 1958, a now-classic and well-known essay debuted before the world. It was titled "I, Pencil." Written by FEE Founder Leonard Reed, he posits that freedom is required if we expect inventions and production to materialize. By encouraging cooperation between people far apart and personally unbeknownst to each other, markets perform miracles every moment of every day. And read one of his insights:
…[I]f one is aware that these know-hows will naturally, yes, automatically, arrange themselves into creative and productive patterns in response to human necessity and demand—that is, in the absence of governmental or any other coercive master-minding—then one will possess an absolutely essential ingredient for freedom: a faith in free people. Freedom is impossible without this faith.

Read at the Foundation for Economic Freedom



The Trump Administration's Pro-Women,
Pro-Worker Agenda
"Together, we are creating a Nation where every daughter in America can grow up believing in herself, her future, and following her heart toward the American Dream." – President Donald J. Trump
Unemployment among women is at a 65-year low - and that’s just the beginning. The Republican Congress has passed and the President signed legislation that is encouraging girls to pursue careers in the STEM fields, combatting opioids, and cracking down on sex-traffickers. And President Trump has made historic appointments of women to leadership posts in his Administration.


Women See Historic Wins under Trump