Novato Republican Women, Federated

NRWF Presents

Unrealistic Housing Quotas --
Time for Bold Action

Susan Kirsch
Pres., Catalysts for Local Control

February 14, 2023

11:30 - 1:30

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  • Interesting Times

    The Gift of Living in Interesting Times by Anne Doherty "May you live in interesting times,” is an expression falsely attributed
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  • Reparation Lies

    CA plan is rooted in stupidity and historical lies. CA was part of the Union, not the Confederate, and wasn’t a
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  • CA State Spending

    California's State government spends twice as much today per resident than just 10 years ago. Looming deficits.
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  • CA Gas Prices

    “We are going to tax and regulate you into no more fossil fuels in California,” Slagle told the Globe of
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'Rigged the COVID debate': How Federally Enticed Censorship Undermined Science During the Pandemic
By Just the News Staff
Aggressive policing of controversial content stifled scientific debate during pandemic's worst months, experts say.

Few online platforms were better poised than Twitter to serve as a clearinghouse of insight and discovery during the dizzying early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the world scrambling to make sense of the rapidly spreading new virus, commenters and investigators around the globe were turning to Twitter's real-time public forum to share information and speculation regarding the disease. 

Monitors at Twitter, however, ended up interpreting the circumstances differently.

Driven by a pervasive fear of "misinformation" combined with unrelenting pressure from government officials, Twitter embarked on a heavy censorship campaign, suppressing entire narratives in the crucial early first year of the pandemic and presenting a largely one-sided interpretation of the COVID crisis that left little room for dissent. 



The Coup We Never Knew

By Victor Davis Hansen

Did someone or something seize control of the United States?

What happened to the U.S. border? Where did it go? Who erased it? Why and how did 5 million people enter our country illegally? Did Congress secretly repeal our immigration laws? Did Joe Biden issue an executive order allowing foreign nationals to walk across the border and reside in the United States as they pleased?

Since when did money not have to be paid back? Who insisted that the more dollars the federal government printed, the more prosperity would follow? When did America embrace zero interest? Why do we believe $30 trillion in debt is no big deal?

When did clean-burning, cheap, and abundant natural gas become the equivalent to dirty coal? How did prized natural gas that had granted America’s wishes of energy self-sufficiency, reduced pollution, and inexpensive electricity become almost overnight a pariah fuel whose extraction was a war against nature? Which lawmakers, which laws, which votes of the people declared natural gas development and pipelines near criminal?