Celebrate July 4

“The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.”
(1788, Thomas Jefferson)

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Last month, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) claimed to oppose Soviet “authoritarian communism” and to support “democratic socialism.”

Yet, according to Bishop E.W. Jackson, chairman of the new group Stand Against Communism, “Socialism and communism are exactly the same, and we will not allow euphemisms to lull us to sleep.”

Who is right?

A set of experts assembled May 20 argued that America needs to beware of both.

They dedicated themselves to pushing back against the increasing prevalence in America of an ideology implicated in the extermination of an estimated 94,351,000 human lives, as of 1999

Read at the Epoch Times



The United States' first two self-made femaile millionaires are a racial success story. Madam C.J. Walker and Annie Malone succeeded by developing brilliant business models and strong work ethics at a time when many doors were closed to them.

The first two self-made female millionaires in America were African-American women, and they both have remarkable stories. One is relatively well-known; the other, not so much. Sarah Breedlove, better known by her later-attained business name, Madam C. J. Walker, is usually credited with being the first self-made female millionaire in America. Contrary to most reports, Walker was not the first African-American millionaire. Not even the first female millionaire. That title belongs to the humble but supremely confident Annie Malone.

Read about these two amazing women.

The Federalist