Novato Republican Women, Federated

NRWF Presents
John Dennis,
SF GOP Chairman

Shock or Awe?

Nov. 17 11:00-1:00

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  • Prop. 15 Defeated

    1978 Prop 13 property taxation law will not be amended, as Prop. 15 fails.
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  • Billions in Taxes

    Voters approve billions in local taxes and borrowing. The strong rebuke of the borrow and tax lobby in March was
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  • Voter Distrust

    California voters don’t distrust the ‘system;’ It’s voter laws changed by democrats they distrust, harkening back to 2018 ballot harvesting slaughter.
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  • Amy Coney Barrett

    Justice Barrett gave a powerful, easily understandable  description of the job differences and duties of the legislative and judicial branches
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When the founders of our newspaper fled a communist regime to come to America, they never expected that this great nation would one day become the focal point of the battle between communism and freedom.

Many Americans believe communism is an abstract concept, something that only affects faraway nations, without realizing that it has already arrived at our doorstep.

Communism has spread in America under names such as socialism, progressivism, liberalism, neo-Marxism, and so on, in a slow process over decades of systematic subversion by first the Soviet Union, and now the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

This cumulative battle for the future of America—and with it, the rest of the world—is now coming to a head in the U.S. presidential election.

The Epoch Times



A record number of Republican women will be serving when Congress returns in January, besting the previous high of 25 set in 2006. All 11 Congresswomen running for re-election won their races. They will be joined by at least 17 newcomers, including nine women who defeated Democrat incumbents.

Leader Kevin McCarthy welcomes the new Republican women to the House. "Not one Republican incumbent lost so I don't know what Nancy Pelosi was talking about because twelve Democrat incumbents lost. Every single Democrat either lost to a Republican woman, minority, or veteran. This is the year of the Republican Woman, because more than 50% of this incoming freshman class is made up of women or minorities. We are stronger because of our diversity.  And it's just only the beginning--we're just getting started."

Kevin McCarthy